Finca El Origen - Reserva Malbec

Finca El Origen - Reserva Malbec





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Variety: 95% Malbec / 3% Bonarda / 2% Syrah

Winemaker: Gonzalo Bertelsen

Vintage: (Year) 2011

Tasting notes:

Sight: This wine has an attractive and intense violet color.

Nose: In the nose, it displays ripe red fruit aromas, such as plum, with a strong floral presence, combined with vanilla and chocolate hints granted by its oak aging.

Mouth: In the mouth, it is a mild wine with sweet and velvety tannins. It has good balance, elegance and personality.

Serving suggestions: 64°F

Pairings: Recommended wine for pairing with game, hard cheeses, pasta, empanadas (meat pies).